What Are NA Clean Time Chips? ( NA Medallions )

Clean Time Chips NA NA Medallions

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) clean time chips are medallions given to members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) as a symbol of their sobriety. They are also commonly referred to as "sobriety chips" or "milestone chips". These medallions are usually awarded in recognition of certain milestones in the recovery process, such as reaching a certain number of days, months, or years of sobriety.

The design of the NA clean time chips typically includes the NA symbol, which is a circle with the letters "NA" in the center. The chips also usually have the NA Serenity Prayer or another recovery-related message inscribed on them.

1 Year NA Clean Time Chip

NA clean time chips are usually awarded at NA meetings, and they are often carried by members as a reminder of their sobriety and as a symbol of their commitment to the NA program. They also serve as a way for members to share their progress with others and as a way for others to offer support and encouragement.

It's worth noting that the use of chips is not mandatory within the NA program, it's up to the individual member whether they choose to use them or not. Some NA groups or regions may not use them at all, others may have different designs or different milestones.

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