What Are NA Clean Time Keytags?

Keytags NA Narcotics Anonymous

NA Clean Time Keytags - Refers to keytags used by members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to keep track of their "clean time," or the amount of time since they last used drugs. These keytags serve as a physical reminder of their progress and journey in recovery, and are often given to members as they reach milestones in their sobriety. The keytags often feature the NA logo and symbols, and may include the number of days, months, or years of clean time.

Common NA Clean Time Keytags

Plastic Narcotics Anonymous Keychains

Choose From

Welcome in White

1 Month - 30 Days In Red

2 Month - 60 Days In Green

3 Month - 90 Days In Red

6 Month - In Blue

9 Month In Yellow

1 Year In Glow In The Dark White

18 Month In Grey

Multiple Years - Black

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